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Hosting out of town guests soon? Going the extra mile when hosting out-of-town guests can be both affordable and reflect the charms of your town. Here are some handy tips I like to share with clients who have friends staying in the wonderful Jacksonville area.

For the guest room:

• Clear out a nice space for your guests items. Even a section of a closet or a dedicated set of shelves / drawers will help them feel welcome.

• Fresh flowers are a great way to make an average guest room seem like a little dose of “B&B” treatment.

• Provide local information on the nightstand; local maps, history, and points of interest are great ideas.

On arrival:

• Giving guests a spare set of keys and showing them how to use the alarm (if you have one) is a great way to make sure they can come and go as they please.

• People are often starving after a long day on the road! Have some food available as soon as your friends arrive.

• Let them know “what’s mine is yours” right away. Books, blankets, whatever they need. Don’t assume they’ll ask or feel comfortable with your possessions.

While they’re staying:

• Take them food shopping at a local specialty store. If they like to cook, plan to make a meal together. It can be intimate, relaxing, and affordable.

• Go beyond the tourist destinations! Show them “how locals do.”

• If they drink, offering a little “wind me down” cocktail at night is nice.

• If it doesn’t break the bank, find small, local souvenir you can send them home with.

By the way, we’d love to meet your house guests! They might just like Jacksonville so much, they’d consider moving here. If you’re out and about, give us a ring or drop us a line so we can meet! Contact us today: 904-422-7626 Kevin@HanleyHomeTeam.com