Do you travel for business frequently? Researching a relocation? Have you been looking for an app which will help you not only manage your itinerary, but keep an eye on fare changes and hotel reservation information?

I recently came across TripIt!, a fantastic website and app to help plan and organize travel. Not only does it automatically organize travel information based on confirmation emails from hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies, but it can also help you ensure you get the best deals on air travel. It also works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7.

A little about the service from

“TripIt turns chaos into order by making it easy for anyone to:

1) Organize trip details into one master online itinerary — even if arrangements are booked at multiple travel sites

2) Automatically include maps, directions, and weather in their master itinerary

3) Have the option to book restaurants, theatre tickets, activities, and more right from within the online itinerary

4) Safely access travel plans online, share them, check-in for flights, or print an itinerary

Simply forward confirmation emails from anywhere you book to and TripIt “automagically” creates one simple, smart itinerary to access on a smartphone, calendar, or anywhere online. For even greater peace of mind while traveling, TripIt Pro acts like a personal travel assistant that keeps travelers in the know regarding flight status, alternate flights, and more; tracks all frequent traveler points in one place; and monitors eligible flights for fare refunds.

If you’re traveling these days to plan a relocation, don’t miss out on TripIt. If you’re looking for an agent to work with in other cities, we can also help: Kevin and Jennifer Hanley 904-422-7626