Ever stumbled around in the garage at 4:30 in the morning, trying to untangle your rods and reels? It doesn’t exactly set a bright mood for a morning of summer fishing. If you’re the type that hasn’t worked out a system for storing your fishing gear, here’s a cheap DIY (Do It Yourself!) storage project that will keep those poles in prime position.

Don’t drop a mint on an expensive rack. Here’s what you need to do.

The Simple Storage System for Fishing Gear

1. Get your hands on inexpensive wire storage shelves. Buy them in short sections that you can get relatively close together (think: one end for the back of the pole, the other end for about the 3/4 mark). If you’re using deep sea poles, get more wire racks to distribute the weight.

2. Screw the racks to the ceiling of the garage, making sure to find a good stud to anchor each screw. Some racks have clip-on screw mounts. You might want to use some sort of U-bracket depending on how much weight you plan to put on the rack.

3. For rods with wide handles, use a pair of wire cutters or bolt cutters to clip out the parts of the wire rack that are in the way.

4. Slide the rods in the spaces between the wire racks, leaving enough room so lines don’t get tangled.

Just like that you have a nice overhead storage system for relatively little cash.

(Of course, if your garage is too packed for an overhead storage system, maybe it’s time to upgrade your house!)

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