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Good property photos are essential to attracting buyers for your home, especially with the number of buyers using the internet to search for homes. The decision to tour a home can depend on your photos! A bad property photo can make the difference between someone contacting you or not.

While we always encourage our clients to go the extra mile and invest in a professional photographer for their listing, there are times when this isn’t feasible. In absence of a professional, we like to have a lot of photos for buyers to consider, and we use a simple checklist to get the most out of each shot.

If you’re photographing a property, ask yourself these seven questions before you snap each shot.

Seven Tips to Improve Your Property Photos

1. Is there anything in the frame that distracts from the focus on the property? Look out for stray hoses, vehicles, recycling bins, etc.

2. Am I close enough to the property? Better to fill the shot than crop later.

3. Is this room interesting enough to photograph in detail?

4. Have I removed unnecessary items from the interior shots? Check for garbage cans, magazines on tables, excess furniture, etc.

5. Is the lighting suitable for this shot? Check to make sure you’re not shooting into really bright lights, sliding glass doors, fluorescent lights.

6. Does this shot require a tripod to avoid distortion? Hand-held shots can reveal distortion, especially when you’re shooting horizontal or vertical shots. One alternative is shooting from a favorable angle.

7. Did I get all of the one-of-a-kind details? Look for exceptional architecture, gardens, privacy features, transitional spaces.

Are you ready to shoot your home and list it? Give us a call and let a professional market it. (Plus, we pay for the professional photographer!) Kevin and Jennifer Hanley, REALTORS, 904-422-7626 Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners