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Remember those days long, long ago when you could have one password for everything, and it was as simple as your kid’s name and birthday? (And you left it on a Post-It note stuck to your computer monitor?)

Well, those days are gone. Now you probably have a different password for almost every website you visit, and each of those sites has different rules for how long your password can be, and which characters you can use to make it.

A lot of time is wasted trying to remember (and then resetting) all of those forgotten passwords. Unfortunately, password security is vitally important. With bank accounts, medical information, and vital credit data just a username and password away from any computer, you absolutely must make strong passwords. Passwords aren’t guessed by human beings. They’re hacked by fast, sophisticated programs which can try millions of combinations almost instantly. (Did you know one of the most common passwords people use is actually… password?)

Here are two tools to help you create and remember strong passwords:

1. StrongPasswordGenerator.com – http://www.strongpasswordgenerator.com
This website uses JavaScript to automatically generate random passwords using length and character rules you can control. The passwords are generated right in your browser and are not tied or identified by your computer. You simply set the rules, click “Generate Strong Password” and the site gives you one you can copy/paste.

2. 1Password (https://agilebits.com/onepassword) & LastPass (http://www.lastpass.com)
1Password is an affordable software package that allows you to securely store and “automatically login” to websites using the passwords stored with your 1Password account. It works on iOS, Mac, and Android devices. It can also synchronize its database with Dropbox, meaning you can use 1Password securely on multiple computers. If you’re using Windows (or Mac, too), you should check out LastPass https://lastpass.com/index.php, which is free with an inexpensive premium option.

Protect yourself and save time!

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