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This month we’ll be reaching out to friends and clients who were swept up in the real estate downturn to check in and see how they’re doing. Many have been in touch recently about the possibility of returning to home ownership.

You might have some of the same questions they have. For instance: Can I get a mortgage? Have home values stabilized? Is it possible to buy again for what I’m paying in rent now? How can I be sure I won’t end up in the same situation?

The truth is, many people who lost their homes as little as two years ago may already be in a good position to buy again. Home prices and fixed-rate mortgage rates are quite favorable. There are many excellent homes on the market which can easily fit in a budget accustomed to current rents. Plus, it’s cheaper to buy than to rent in our area.

If you’re thinking about returning to home ownership, we’d be happy to answer questions you might have, and even connect you with trustworthy lenders who can help you navigate pre-qualification for an affordable home.

Why continue to tolerate the hassles of renting if you can transition back to a home of your own? Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to absentee landlords, long waits for maintenance requests, and loud neighbors.

If you’d like to stop dreaming about it and start doing something about it instead, let’s have a conversation and see what we can do together to get you back on track for your own home. Kevin and Jennifer Hanley, REALTORS 904-422-7626 http://www.HanleyHomeTeam.com or http://www.HanleyShortSales.com