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Front-2If affordability is a concern and you are unsure were you’d like to live in the near future, you may find this article on the hidden long-term cost of renting compelling.  It’s called “The $700,000+ mistake nearly 6 in 10 millennials may make.” You can check out the article here:


Renting in the short-term may be your best option, but waiting to buy can have a high cost. For example: “At current rates of appreciation, in 10 years the average home (now priced at $190,000) would be selling for about $249,000. If interest rates return to their historical norm (from over the past 15 years) of 5.6%, a monthly house payment (including mortgage, taxes and insurance) on a $249,000 home would be $1,574 a month, a 52% increase over the $1,037 house payment for a median priced home now.”

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