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Your listing photos play a huge role in drawing potential buyers to your home—and, ultimately, getting your home sold.

But if you want your listing photos to attract buyers, they need to frame your home in the right light—and that might mean saying goodbye to some of your home decor prior to snapping your photos.

So what, exactly, needs to go?

recent article from Apartment Therapy outlined advice from real estate photographers on things you’ll want to stash away before you take your listing photos, including:

  • Tall vases. Tall vases can make a statement in a room—but because they’re so large, they can make too much of a statement in a photo. If you want to display flowers or plants in your listing photos, keep vases to a more manageable height.
  • Area rugs. Area rugs may add color and character to a room. But they also can make a space feel smaller and cover up the home’s original flooring. Before you take your listing photos, get rid of small area rugs or runners to open up the space and show off your floors—particularly if your floors are hardwood or tile.
  • Appliances. Obviously, you’ll want to keep major appliances—like your refrigerator and dishwasher—where they are. But if you have a variety of small appliances cluttering your counter space, you’ll want to put them in storage so your counters feel as clean, spacious, and organized as possible.

The Takeaway:

Bottom line? Your listing photos play a large part in your home sale—and if you want your listing photos to attract buyers and help you get your property sold, plan to put these items away before your photo shoot.

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